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Dark Light

22 May – 12 Jul 2020

For the solo exhibition Dark Light Anna Bjerger (b. 1973) has made a series of new paintings and painted furniture specifically for Gammel Holtegaard. Anna Bjerger’s paintings captivate the eye. Some are intimate and familiar, reminding us of something in our own lives. Others are dramatic and compelling, with formats and themes that stimulate the body and senses. What all the artist’s works have in common is that they are figurative. Behind the motif we sense a threatening silence, and it is this strong presence of something familiar yet disturbing that characterises the works in Dark Light.

The works in the exhibition take the Baroque and the story of Gammel Holtegaard as their inspiration, resulting in a poetic relationship between new works of art and the historical Baroque setting of the gallery. It is precisely this juxtaposition of place and art that makes Gammel Holtegaard relevant for contemporary art and locates it in a broader context.

The exhibition opens – if everything goes well – on May 22nd until July 12th.
Gammel Holtegaard follows the guidelines from Danish health authorities on a reopening of the society. The public opening will therefore be closely monitored and coinside with all health precautions needed. Closer info will follow on our website.

The exhibition is supported by:
The Obel Foundation

The Danish Art Foundation Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding supports Gammel Holtegaard’s exhibition program.