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Goodness Gracious!

8 Apr – 3 Jul 2022

In a major solo exhibition Danish artist Malene Landgreen (b. 1962) occupies the architecture and gardens of Gl. Holtegaard. With Goodness Gracious! Landgreen creates a sensory counterpoint to the aristocratic, baroque surroundings of the country house with new works providing visitors with fresh vistas, a sculpturally decked long table, monumental pillars of plates, and painting en suite.

Malene Landgreen’s work is inspired by concrete art. As an artist she is interested in the impact of colours and the way they change depending on how they are combined. The paintings and installations she has created for Goodness Gracious! open a sensory world of colour we can almost step inside, yet they remain painted surfaces, forms, colours and lines.


All our exhibitions are accompanied by a programme of inspiring events, exploring and bringing a contemporary perspective to their themes and ideas.

The exhibition has been generously supported by:
The Louis-Hansen Foundation, the William Demant Foundation, the Ernst B. Sund Foundation, the Toyota Foundation, the Oda & Hans Svenningsen Foundation, and the I. F. Lemvigh Müller Foundation.

Gl. Holtegaard’s 2022 exhibition programme is supported by:
The Augustinus Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation