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Big Energy

28 Jan – 20 Mar 2022

The Danish visual artist Marie Munk (b. 1988) kicks off this year’s exhibition programme at Gammel Holtegaard with her largest solo exhibition to date. Big Energy is a kind of occult data centre, in which ice-cold technology encounters the warmth of the biological body. With her playful visual language, Marie Munk creates a sensuous holistic experience, which, with its references to both science fiction and contemporary spirituality, confronts visitors with a surreal vision, in which modern humans have merged with technology.

The exhibition, Big Energy invites visitors into a weird, futuristic corridor system composed of umbilical-cord-like cables, which wind their way through the Baroque architecture of the building, while corporeal ventilation systems hum faintly in the background. The further visitors venture into Big Energy, the more occult and wilder the journey becomes. Munk’s universe is inhabited by organs, which, though familiar from the inside of the human body, still seem totally extra-terrestrial. It all looks very brutal, but it is also enticing and exquisite.

The exhibition is generously supported by:
Beckett-Fonden and Overretssagfører L. Zeuthens Mindelegat

Gammel Holtegaards exhibition programme 2022 is supported by:
Augustinus Fonden and the Danish Arts Foundation