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Stop Calling Me Names

27 Apr – 1 Jul 2018

Mette Winckelmann has created a site-specific installation in dialogue with the spirit and architecture of Gl. Holtegaard. In this solo exhibition Winckelmann creates new rooms with imaginary walls in the manor house, as if the ground plan and building were a canvas. Winckelmann’s approach is based on her recurrent use of systematic folds and logical structures in her art. Her installations are fragile and transparent, yet at the same time imposing and monumental, making her abstract paintings appear as more like three-dimensional, sculptural objects than canvasses. At first glance Winckelmann’s works seem to be about structure, colour and geometrical forms, but significant thoughts on the body, hierarchies and identities lie beneath the surface.

The exhibition is supported by:
Knud Højgaards Fond, Oticon Foundation and Beckett-Fonden. 

The Danish Art Foundation Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding supports Gammel Holtegaards exhibition program.