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Paradise Revisited

1 Feb – 22 Apr 2019

The Danish artist Peter Holst Henckel (born 1960) presents the exhibition Paradise Revisited, a total installation on the theme of Paradise.

Characteristic of many artworks by Peter Holst Henckel is that they address ambiguous levels of meaning and reference. This holds for his exhibition at Gl. Holtegaard as well. The word Paradise is traditionally used with reference to a beautiful and ideal place, but on the other hand the notion suggests aspects of decay and perhaps even apocalypse as well. Similarly Peter Holst Henckel’s work by the first glimpse seem harmonic and beautiful, but lurking underneath are more somber and complex perspectives related to political, cultural, ecological and social issues in our present times.

The exhibition is generously supported by:

The Oda & Hans Svenningsen Foundation, the Danish Tennis Foundation, the Ernst B. Sund Foundation, and the L. F. Foght Foundation

The Danish Art Foundation’s Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding supports Gammel Holtegaard’s exhibition programme

The Danish Art Foundation’s Committee for Literature Project Funding supports Gammel Holtegaard’s programme of events