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Fruit trees in Gammel Holtegaard’s Baroque Garden

Gammel Holtegaard’s Baroque garden was also a fruit garden, with avenues consisting of fruit trees. This meant that the garden was not merely part of the overall amenity value of the place – its fruit also helped it economically. Even today, apples from the garden are used in Gammel Holtegaard’s cider, which is on sale in the museum shop.

Most of the fruit trees are known from a list from The Royal Fruit Tree Nursery in Odense from 1795, which is the earliest record of types of fruit trees cultivated in Denmark.


Types of apple

Common Red Pigeon (known in Denmark since 1667)
Borgherre/Comptoir Apple
Bottle Apple/Nonnetitte
White Winter Pigeon
Onion Apple (1653)
Muscat Reinet
Grey Autumn Reinet (1800)
Orleans Reinet (1766) 

Other fruit trees in the baroque garden

Inside the ‘quarters’ of the garden, individual trees have been planted: plums, mulberries and cherries